Rob Robillard, Wood Geek

Carpenter Editor,




1. How long have you been working with wood?

I’ve been a carpenter since 1993, but have been working with wood since middle school when I fell in love with wood and tools in a shop class.
2. What is it about wood that you love and appreciate?

What’s not to like? I like the feel, smell, look, and workability of wood.
3. Favorite wood project?

This is one of my all-time favorite projects we’ve ever done.

4. Best wood project story?

I just finished working on a timber-framed pool house. We finished the inside all in rough-sawn eastern white pine. Everything from cabinets, doors, changing rooms, and partitions – super fun and a beautiful project when completed.
5. Where do you think wood fits into today’s home improvement/building industries?

Wood will never go away for trim, cabinets, built-ins and flooring. In fact, it’s coming back in popularity with architects and designers.


Rob Robillard is a carpenter, and the editor of

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